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aufstrebender zeitgenössischer Künstler in der Schweiz. Contemporary artist in Swiss


Andrea Mondinalli. Contemporary artist living and working in Basel

Andrea Mondinalli

I am an Italian artist and architect and have been living in Basel since December 2017. 


In my works I take the viewers on a journey to apollonian and likewise dionysian sphere of my personal art.*


The apollonian-dionysian duality life of my artworks unfolds through focussing on the substance.


Concentrating on the origin of things allows the development of eternal, bold, engaging works,

not linked to contemporary vogue.


The aim is to bring out a vortex and a conflict of emotions, techniques, passion and contemplations, drama and vitality.


Vitality that provides stimuli, provocations and seeks instinctive power.


*Based on the book by Friedrich Nietzsche Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik (1872)



  • Instagram Andrea Mondinalli

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